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1 Radian Mandala AssignmentP30.1Angles
1 digit by 2 digit multiplicationN4.4Multiplication
1/2 of 2/3 of 3/4... Stop at 15sec (Tiktok: onlinekyne)N8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
100 Numbers to get students talkingN6.1Representing Numbers
100 Rolls TaskWA30.11Probability of Independent Events
100x100 HamburgerP9.1Linear Relations
1600 Pennsylvania ASS8.2Surface Area
2s to 9s ChallengeN6.3Order of Operations
3 different addends to 100N2.2Addition/Subtraction
3-D ObjectsSS3.43D Objects
3D shapesSS8.2Surface Area
5 x 5 GameN3.2Addition/Subtraction
5-4-3-2-1 challengeWA20.2Order of Operations
A Square Subtract FourP9.4Polynomails
Absolute Value EquationP20.1Absolute Value
Absolute Value Functions (number 42)P20.1Absolute Value
Add some, subtract someN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Adding & Subtracting FractionsN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Adding DecimalsN5.7Decimal Addition/Subtraction
Adding Decimals (to hundredths)N5.7Decimal Addition/Subtraction
Adding Decimals to Make Them As Close to One as PossibleN5.7Decimal Addition/Subtraction
Adding FractionsN9.2Rational Numbers
Adding Fractions (French)N9.2Rational Numbers
Adding Fractions with Equal Denominators Using a Variety of ModelsN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Adding IntegersN7.6Integers
Adding Mixed NumbersN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Adding NumbersP2.3Mental Math Strategies
Adding Three FractionsN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Adding Two Digit NumbersN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Adding Two Digit Numbers Given OneN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Adding Two Digit Numbers Middle SchoolN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Adding Whole NumbersN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Adding and Subtracting IntegersN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Adding and Subtracting Numbers and EqualityP2.3Equality/Inequality
Adding to TenN1.9Addition
Addition ShapesN1.9Comparing Sets
Addition and Subtraction Collection (multiple)N2.2Addition/Subtraction
Advanced addition warN4.2Addition & Subtraction
Alicia Burdess Grade 2 TasksN2.1, N2.2, P2.1, P2.2, P2.3, SP2.1, SS2.1, SS2.2, SS2.3, SS2.4, SS2.5Representing Numbers, Addition/Subtraction, Patterns, Equality/Inequality
All AboardSS4.1Time
Always Sometimes Never True for ProbabilitySP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Amazing WatermelonsN8.1Square Roots
Ambiguous Case GraphP20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
An Area Task Nat BantingSS8.2Surface Area
Analyzing ShapesSS1.2Sort 2D Shapes/3D Objects
Angles in Standard PositionP30.2Unit Circles & Trig Ratios
Animals holding their breathSP4.1Graphs/Pictographs
Animated FactorizationN6.2Multiplication
Area Name TaskSS9.2Surface Area
Area and Perimeter of a RectangleSS5.1Rectangles
Area of SaskatchewanSS8.2Surface Area
Area vs PerimeterSS4.2Area of 2D Shapes
Arithmetic vs. GeometricP20.10Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences & Series
Array-bow of ColorsN5.2Multiplication
Arraybow of ColoursN3.1Representing Numbers
Baby BeatsN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Balancing NumbersSS2.2Measurement (Mass)
Balancing the hangerP4.2Equations
Barbie BungieP8.1Linear Relations
Base 10 Blocks Up to 20N1.4Representing Numbers
Base Ten BlocksN3.1Representing Numbers
Battery: Percents, Decimals and FractionsN6.7Fractions Improper/Mixed
Bed, Bath and BeyondN8.2Percents
Benchmarking FractionsN5.5Fractions
Best SquaresN8.1Square Roots
Big BlocksN2.1Representing Numbers
Billions TaskN7.1Factors and Multiples
Black BoxN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Blog with Resources: a-visual-representation-of-square-rootsN8.1Square Roots
Blue and WhiteSS7.1Circles
Boat on the RiverWA10.8Trigonometric Ratios
Brayden's HeightP6.1Patterns Table of Values/Graphs
Bright IdeaN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Bucky the BadgerP8.1Patterns
Bucky the Badger (Desmos)P8.1Patterns
Burning DaylightP30.3Trigonometric Ratios
ButterN9.2Rational Numbers
Cafe FractionsN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Calvin's ClearanceN8.2Percents
Calvin’s ClearanceWA10.11Income
Can you visualize this?N9.2Rational Numbers
Candle Box TaskSS8.2Surface Area
Candle EyesWA10.3, WA10.4Measurement
Candy Lab & Chocolate MilkFP10.10Linear Equations
CanstructionFM30.7Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Card Sort: 2-digit multiplicationN5.2Multiplication
Card Sort: Bar Graph vs HistogramWA20.11Representing Data
Card Sort: Fraction/DecimalN4.7Decimals
Card Sort: Fractions, Decimals and PercentsN6.7Fractions Improper/Mixed
Card Sort: Linear SystemsFP10.9, FP10.10Linear Relations, Linear Equations
Card Sort: Linear Systems (French)FP10.9, FP10.10Linear Relations, Linear Equations
Card Sort: Multiplication and DivisionN4.3Multiplication
Card Sort: Parabolas in Factored FormFM20.9Quadratics
Chance ExperimentsWA30.11Probability Theoretical & Experimental
Chance Experiments (French)SS7.4Probability
Characteristics of NumbersN3.1Representing Numbers
Chasing GoldN7.3Decimals-Fractions-Whole Numbers
Cheese and CrackersN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Circles and StarsN3.3Multiplication
Click BattleWA20.10Ratio
Click Battle (French)WA20.10Ratio
Clothesline MathN1.1Counting
Clothesline Math CardsN8.2Representing Numbers, Fractions
Clothesline Math: Algebraic ThinkingP9.4Polynomails
Clothesline Math: Fractions & DecimalsN9.2Rational Numbers
Clothesline Math: LogarithmsP30.9Logarithms
Clothesline Math: Radians and DegreesP30.1Angles
Clothesline Math: Square Root Cards to printN8.1Square Roots
Clothesline orderingFP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Coca Cola SlimWA20.3Volume
Comparing & Identifying Fractions on a Number LineN7.3Fractions
Comparing and ordering radicals in mixed formFP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Comparing and ordering radicals in mixed form (French)FP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Composite 2D ShapesSS2.42D Shapes
Composite 2D shapesSS2.42D Shapes
Compound Inequalities on the Number LineFP10.8Linear Relations
Compound Inequalities on the Number Line (French)FP10.8Linear Relations
Converting Fractions to Repeating DecimalsN7.3Decimals-Fractions-Whole Numbers
Couch CoinsN5.7Decimal Addition/Subtraction
Counting Factors ActivityN7.1Factors and Multiples, Decimal Multiplication/Division
Counting by 1N1.1Counting
Counting by 5, 10, 2, 25N3.1Representing Numbers
Cover It UpN4.6Fractions
Cover the FloorSS7.2Multiplication
Create a Quadratic EquationP20.6Factoring Polynomials
Create a Quadratic Given ConstraintsFM20.9Quadratics
Create a System of Two EquationsFP10.9Linear Relations
Create an Equation with a Given SolutionP9.2Linear Equations
Creating InequalitiesP9.3Linear Inequalities
Creating Inequalities Given a Solution SetP9.3Linear Inequalities
Creating SequencesP20.10Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences & Series
Cross TotalsWA20.2Analyze Puzzles & Games
Cross number puzzleN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Cube ConversationsWA20.5Surface Area
Cube PileP7.4Linear Equations
Cycling SquaresWA30.1Square Roots
Daily Screen Time (US)SP4.1Correspondence
Damult DiceN4.4Multiplication
Data CollectionSP2.1Graphs/Pictographs
Data SetsFM20.6Standard Deviation
Deadly AnimalsSP4.1Graphs/Pictographs
Decimal OperationsN7.2Decimal Operations
Decimal Place Value Open MiddlesN4.7Decimals
Decimal Product Close To 50N6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Decimal number visualizerN4.7Decimals
Decimal on a number lineN4.7Decimals
Decomposing and RecomposingN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Deep FreezeN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Deodorant UsageP8.1Linear Relations
Des-FarmN7.3Fractions Improper/Mixed
Desmos Collection of Quadratic Function ActivitiesP20.7Quadratics
Desmos Exponentials CollectionP30.9Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Desmos Name Art ProjectSS7.4Cartesian Plane/ Integral Coordinates
Dice Auction (Rosenthal Prize Winner)SP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Dice Auction Lesson PlanWA30.11Probability
Dice in a CornerN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Digit DominationN1.4Representing Numbers
Dill 'er UpN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Dino Fossil FindSP4.1Graphs/Pictographs
Dividing DecimalsN7.2Decimal Operations
Dividing FractionsN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Dividing Mixed NumbersN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Dividing Rational ExpressionsP20.3Rational Expressions & Equations
Dividing by one-digitN5.3Division
Divisibility 2N7.1Divisibility
Divisibility Menu TaskN7.1Divisibility
Divisibility and PrimesN7.1Divisibility
Division Menu TaskN5.3Division
Divisively SoN7.1Divisibility
Do the DewN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Do you have enough money?N4.7, N4.8Decimals, Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
Dollar WordsN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Dominating DoublesN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Don't break the bankN3.2Addition/Subtraction
DonutN5.2, N5.3Multiplication, Division
Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not?SP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Dot TalksN1.2Subitizing
Double or Halve ItN3.3Multiplication
Doubling Surface AreaSS9.2Surface Area
Downsizing TomatoesN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Drawing and Naming Shapes by SidesSS2.42D Shapes
Drip DropN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Dueling DiscountsWA10.10Proportional Reasoning
Energy BitesWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Entrapment GameSS7.5Transformations
Equal Group Task CardN3.3Multiplication
Equation StripsP9.2Linear Equations (1- and 2-step)
Equivalent ExponentsN9.1Ratio
Equivalent Ratios 2N8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Escher TessellationsSS8.4Tesselations
Esti-mysteriesN2.1Representing Numbers
Estimating DecimalsN4.7Decimals
Expanding pattern problemP7.4Linear Equations
Explore SolidsSS3.43D Objects
Exploring Integer AdditionN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Exploring Integer SubtractionN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Exploring LengthSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Exploring Quadrilateral Areas with GeoboardsSS4.2Area of 2D Shapes
Exploring Vertical and Horizontal TranslationsP20.7Quadratics
Exploring the Pythagorean TheoremSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Exponential FunctionsP30.9Logarithms
ExpressionsP7.2Expressions and Equations
Extending CubesP3.1Patterns (Increasing/Decreasing)
Eye to Eye Similar TrianglesWA10.7Similarity of Convex Polygons
Factor Tree PuzzlesN7.1Factors and Multiples
Factoring PolynomialsP9.4Polynomails
Factoring QuadraticsFP10.5Polynomials
Factoring Quadratics (number 25 and 24)P20.7Quadratics
Factors Color BoardN6.2Multiplication
Factors and Multiples PuzzleN6.2Factors and Multiples
Fair's Fair Dice ProblemWA30.11Probability of Independent Events
Fast ClapperWA10.10Ratio
Ferrari RideN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
File CabinetWA10.5Measurement
Filing CabinetSS9.2Surface Area
Fill 'er UpSS8.3Volume
Filling the TankN7.2Decimal Operations
Film Genre PopularitySP4.1Correspondence
Final LapN7.3Decimals-Fractions-Whole Numbers
Finals WeekWA10.10Proportional Reasoning
Finding Domain and RangeFP10.6Relations and Functions
Finding Domain and Range (French)FP10.6Relations and Functions
Finding Equivalent RatiosN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Finding a Tough MountainN1.1Counting
Fishing for 10sN1.10Mental Math Strategies
Flippity Flip Bottle FlipP8.1Linear Relations
Foil PrankWA10.5Measurement
For the WinSS7.3Angles
Fraction Division via RectanglesN9.2Rational Numbers
Fraction TalksN7.5Fractions Improper/Mixed
Fraction Talks DesmosN5.5Fractions
Fraction Talks with ShapesSS5.6Quadrilaterals
Fraction WarN5.5Fractions
Fraction building challengeN5.5Fractions
Fraction of an AmountN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Fraction of an Amount (Alter to percentages)N8.2Percents
Fraction or Mixed Fraction WarN6.7Fractions Improper/Mixed
Fraction to DecimalN7.3Decimals-Fractions-Whole Numbers
Fractions & DecimalsN4.6, N4.7Fractions, Decimals
From experimental to theoretical probabilitySP6.2Probability
Frozen Yogurt ShoppingN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Fruit & NutN4.3Multiplication
Fruit and NutsN5.3Multiplication
Fur Trade - GraphsP6.1Patterns Table of Values/Graphs
Game: Make a MillionsN6.1Place Value
Game: Make a WholeN6.1, N6.3Place Value, Order of Operations
Game: Vocalize your VocabWA10.11Inductive / Deductive Reasoning
Geared UpN7.1Factors and Multiples, Decimal Multiplication/Division, Integers
Genius Block PuzzlesWA30.1Puzzles/Games
Geogebra: Adding to 20N1.9Addition
Geogebra: Area ModelN4.4, N4.5Multiplication, Division
Geogebra: Chunking StrategyN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Geogebra: Comparing FractionsN4.6Fractions
Geogebra: Comparing Fractions 2N4.6Fractions
Geogebra: Creating FiguresSS4.4Symmetry
Geogebra: Fraction BarsN3.4Fractions
Geogebra: Fraction GuesserN4.6Fractions
Geogebra: Measuring LinesSS3.3Measurement (Linear)
Geogebra: Open RulerSS3.3Measurement (Linear)
Geogebra: Rounding on a number lineN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Geogebra: Rounding to 10, 100, 1000N4.2, N4.8Addition/Subtraction
Geogebra: Unit FractionN4.6Fractions
Geometry Basics-linesSS5.53D Objects/2D Shapes
Giant BurgersN9.1Powers
Gimme A BreakN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Girl Guide CookiesN5.2Representing Numbers
Good Tip or Bad TipWA10.11Income
Good Tip/Bad TipWA10.11Income
Got CubesSS8.3Volume
Grade 9 Statistics and Probability ResourceSP9.1, SP9.2, SP9.3, SP9.4Bias in Data Collection, Data Collection, Probability, First Nations & Metis Probability/Statistics
Graham CrackerN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Granny Smith's SkinsN7.2Decimal Operations
Graph Periodic Motion of a SwingFM30.7Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Graphing StoriesFP10.6Relations and Functions
Graphing Stories (French)FP10.6Relations and Functions
Ground CoverWA10.8Trigonometric Ratios
Guess My RuleFP10.6Relations and Functions
Guess My Rule GameP5.1Patterns
Guess the EggsWA20.11Representing Data
Guess the Jelly BeansWA20.11Representing Data
Guess the NumbersP9.1Linear Relations
Gym ChoiceFP10.10Linear Equations
Hallway BordersP7.4Linear Equations
Hanging by a HairN6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Highest Degree PolynomialP9.4Polynomails
Hot ChocolateN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Hourglass MultiplesFP10.1Factors
How 'big' is big?N6.1Place Value
How Can We Save NellyN7.2Decimal Operations
How Many Cookies?SS7.2Area Formulas
How Many Rectangles Can You Make?SS2.42D Shapes
How Many Stars?N9.1Powers
How Many TeethSP4.1Graphs/Pictographs
How Much DewN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
How many do you see? Part 1SS5.6Quadrilaterals
How many do you see? Part 2SS5.6Quadrilaterals
How many hot dogs?N6.2Relations and Functions
How much paper is that?N5.2Multiplication
Humpty DumptyN1.9Addition
Iceberg of the SphinxSS8.4Tesselations
Identical QuadraticsP20.7Quadratics
Identifying Fractions on a Number LineN5.5Fractions
Identifying ShapesSS1.2Sort 2D Shapes/3D Objects
Illegal MoneySS8.3Volume
Incorrect Linear EquationsP8.1Linear Relations
Inequalities on the Number LineP9.3Linear Inequalities
Inequalities on the Number Line (French)P9.3Linear Inequalities
Integer BingoN8.5Integer Multiplication/Division
Integer Clothesline GameN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Integer SolitaireN9.2Rational Numbers
Integer Sums and DifferencesN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Integers Menu TaskN8.5Integers
Interpreting DataSP8.1Displaying Data
Interpreting Data 2SP8.1Displaying Data
Intro to Set Theory Definitions, Notation, Venn DiagramsFM30.3Set Theory
Introducing Trig Through SlopeWA10.8Trigonometric Ratios
Introduction to DecimalsN4.7Decimals
Investigate the Ambiguous Case ActivityP20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Is Lego Gender Biased?WA20.10Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Isometric Drawings: Part ISS8.2Surface Area
Isometric Drawings: Part IISS8.2Surface Area
It All Adds UpN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Jordin Tootoo - Comparing IntegersN6.6Integers
Jordin Tootoo - Ordering IntegersN6.6Integers
Jugs of MilkSS6.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning, Volume
Just Filling In!N4.2Addition/Subtraction
Knot AgainFP10.10Linear Equations
Knots in RopesFP10.10Linear Equations
Knotty RopeN4.3Multiplication
Krispy Kreme MeN5.2Multiplication
Largest Possible GCFN6.2Factors and Multiples
Law of Cosine TriangleFM20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Lengthy IdeaSS2.1Measurement (Linear)
Let It FlowSS4.1Time
Let It FlyN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Levelled Review QuestionsFP10.4Trigonometric Ratios
Life Size JengaN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Lil' SisterSS3.3Measurement (Linear)
Limbo: An Integers GameN8.5Integers
Line ZapperFP10.10Linear Equations
Line Zapper (French)FP10.10Linear Equations
Linear Function from Table of ValuesP8.1Linear Relations
Linear FunctionsFP10.9Linear Relations
Linear Functions (French)FP10.9Linear Relations
Linear Inequalities in Two VariablesP20.9Inequalities
Linear Inequalities in Two Variables (number 3)P20.9Inequalities
Lines of symmertySS4.4Symmetry
Lines, Transversals and AnglesWA10.9Angles
Logarithmic FunctionsP30.9Logarithms
M&M SpillN1.3Counting
Magic RectangleWA30.8Multiplication
Magic VersusN4.2Addition/Subtraction
Make it EqualP2.3Equality/Inequality
Making 20 with 10 framesN1.9Addition
Marbleslides: ExponentialsP30.9Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Marbleslides: LogarithmsP30.9Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Marbleslides: PeriodicsP30.3Trigonometric Ratios
Match My LineFP10.7, FP10.9Slope, Linear Relations
Match My Line (French)FP10.7, FP10.9Slope, Linear Relations
Match My ParabolaFM20.9Quadratics
Match my ParabolaP20.7Quadratics
Math Before Bed: CountingN1.3Counting
Math Before Bed: WODB LegoP7.4Linear Equations
Math Mistakes: ExponentsN9.1Powers
Math PickleN2.1Representing Numbers
Math Visuals: Addition, SubtractionN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Math Visuals: ClockSS4.1Time
Math Visuals: Comparison SymbolsN3.1Representing Numbers
Math Visuals: Counting by 1N3.1Representing Numbers
Math Visuals: Multiplication, DivisionN4.4Multiplication
Math Visuals: Place Value ConceptsN5.1Representing Numbers
Math visuals: FractionsN8.4Place Value
MathArt Challenge Probability DesignsSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
MathArt Challenge TangramsSS7.2Perimeter/Volume
MathArt Challenge TessellationsSS8.4Tesselations
Mathigon Divisibility, Factors and Multiples CourseN7.1Factors and Multiples
Maximizing Volume of a Cylinder Given Lateral AreaSS8.3Volume
Maximum Value of a Quadratic in Standard FormFM20.9Quadratics
Maximum Value of a Quadratic in Vertex FormP20.7Quadratics
Maze Hundreds ChartN2.1, P2.1Representing Numbers, Patterns
Measurement & Data CollectionSS3.1, SS3.3, SP3.1Time, Measurement (Linear), Data
Mini Golf MarbleslidesSS7.4Cartesian Plane/ Integral Coordinates
Mini Golf Marbleslides (French)SS7.4Cartesian Plane/ Integral Coordinates
Minimal Congruency (#3)FM20.4Congruent Triangles
Minnie’s Juice CupWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Modeling OutfitsSP7.3Probability Theoretical & Experimental
Mondrian PuzzlesSS6.2Perimeter/Volume
More, Fewer & the SameP7.4Linear Equations
More, Fewer and the SameP2.3Subitizing, Comparing Sets, Representing Numbers
Morning Run: Finding PercentsN7.4Percent
Multi Digit Multiplication ModelsN4.3Multiplication
Multi-Step EquationsP9.2Linear Equations
Multiplication DecisionsN5.2Multiplication
Multiply to Make 64N8.5Integer Multiplication/Division
Multiplying BinomialsFP10.5Polynomials
Multiplying DecimalsN6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Decimals (Elementary)N6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Decimals (Middle School)N6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Decimals Given OneN6.4Decimal Multiplication/Division
Multiplying FractionsN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Fractions (Concrete, Pictorial, Symbolic)N8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Fractions 4N8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Multiplying Mixed NumbersN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Mystery GridsN3.2Addition/Subtraction
N6.9 UnpackedN6.9First Nations & Metis Quantity
Nana's Chocolate MilkWA10.10Proportional Reasoning
Nana's LemonadeN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Negative ExponentsFP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Nets and Surface Area: Rectangular PrismSS4.3Rectangular and Triangular Prisms
Number Lines in DisguiseN3.3Multiplication
Number Sense RoutinesN1.1Counting
Number Talk ImageN2.1Subitizing
Number Talk Image: ArrayN3.3Multiplication
Number Talk Images-How ManyN2.1Representing Numbers
Number Talk Images: Small QuantitiesP7.4Linear Equations
Number VisualsP3.1Representing Numbers, Patterns
Number bonds to 10N2.2Representing Numbers, Addition
Numberless Word ProblemsN1.9Addition
Numbers & OperationsN4.3Representing Numbers
Obscure Geometry (downloads as a Zip)N6.5Percent
Oh No 99!N2.2Addition/Subtraction
One hole punch puzzlesSS4.4Symmetry
One-Hole Punch puzzlesSS9.4Symmetry
Oops, I forgot ...It was this lengthWA10.6Pythagorean Theorem
Open Middle via Desmos: Factors of PolynomialsFP10.5Polynomials
Open Middle: Exponent (Maximum Value)N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Exponent (Maximum Value) (French)N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Exponent CollectionN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Exponents and Order of OperationsN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Exponents and Order of Operations (French)N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Greatest Common FactorFP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Greatest Common Factor (French)FP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Greatest Common Factor 2FP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Greatest Common Factor 2 (French)FP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Laws of ExponentsN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Lowest Common MultipleFP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Lowest Common Multiple (French)FP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Multiplication and Division CollectionN3.3Multiplication
Open Middle: Order of OperationsN9.2Rational Numbers
Open Middle: Power of productN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Prime FactorizationFP10.1Factors
Open Middle: Probability DiceWA30.11Probability
Open Middle: Properties of Integer ExponentsN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents (French)N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents 2N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents 3N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Quadratics with Defined Roots in Vertex FormFM20.9Quadratics
Open Middle: Rational and Irrational NumbersN9.2Rational Numbers
Open Middle: Scientific Notation 1N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Scientific Notation 2N9.1Powers
Open Middle: Simplifying Exponential ExpressionsN9.1Powers
Open Middle: Sine FunctionsP30.2Unit Circles & Trig Ratios
Open Middle: Trigonometric EquationP30.3Trigonometric Ratios
Open Middle: Writing Linear EquationsP9.1Linear Relations
Operations with Rational NumbersN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Operations with timeSS4.1Time
Orange SlicesN3.1Representing Numbers
Order NumbersN2.1Representing Numbers
Order Up: The Need for Like TermsP9.4Polynomails
Order of OperationsN8.5Order of Operations
Order of Operations: Foxy FivesN9.2Rational Numbers
Ordering ShapesSS1.1Measurement
Oreo & Solve Me MobilesFP10.10Linear Equations
Oreo StacksN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Over the HillN1.9, N1.10Addition, Mental Math Strategies
Packing SugarSS8.3Volume
Panda SquaresWA30.1Puzzles/Games
Paper CutSS7.2Area of 2D Shapes, Multiplication
Paper Cut(s)SS6.2Rectangles
PaperCutsN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
Parabolas in Factored FormFM20.9Quadratics
Parallel LinesFP10.7Slope
Parallel Lines (French)FP10.7Slope
Parent FunctionsP30.7Functions Transformations
Partial ProductsWA10.10Proportional Reasoning
Partial Products of 1-digit by 3-digitN4.4Multiplication
Pattern Block PilesN6.7Fractions Improper/Mixed
Peas in a PodSS7.3, P7.3Counting, Estimation, Addition, Mental Math Strategies
Penny CircleWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Penny CirclesSS7.1Circles
Penny PyramidN9.1Powers
Penny WarsWA20.1Volume
Pentomino Number PuzzlesFM20.2Inductive / Deductive Reasoning
Pentomino PuzzleWA30.1Surface Area
Pentomino PuzzlesFM20.2Inductive / Deductive Reasoning
Pentomino Puzzles (French)FM20.2Inductive / Deductive Reasoning
Percentages and BeadsN6.5Percent
Percents on a Linear Model 3N8.2Percents
Percents on a Linear Model 4N8.2Percents
Percents on a Linear Model 5N8.2Percents
Perfect SquaresN8.1Square Roots
Perfect blue and purpleN8.1Square Roots
Pile of ShirtsFP10.3Measurement
Piles of TilesSS6.2Rectangles
Pipe Flow FractionsN6.7Fractions Improper/Mixed
Pizza DoublerWA30.4Tirangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons
Place Value CardsN4.1Representing Numbers
Placing Fractions on a Number LineN5.5Fractions
Polygon Pile UpWA10.9Congruent Triangles
Polygraph: 2D and 3D ShapesSS2.3, SS2.43D Objects, 2D Shapes
Polygraph: Addition PracticeN1.9Addition
Polygraph: Basic QuadrilateralsSS3.52D Shapes
Polygraph: ClocksSS4.1Time
Polygraph: Distance-TimeFP10.7Slope
Polygraph: Exponential & Logarithmic FunctionsP30.9Polynomials, Logarithms, Exponential, Sinusodial Functions
Polygraph: Identifying 3D figuresSS4.3Rectangular and Triangular Prisms
Polygraph: LinesWA20.9Slope
Polygraph: Lines Part 2WA20.9Slope
Polygraph: Parent FunctionsP30.7Functions Transformations
Polygraph: Polygon PropertiesSS5.6Quadrilaterals
Polygraph: PolygonsSS3.52D Shapes
Polygraph: Rational FunctionsP30.11Radical & Rational Functions
Polygraph: Rational NumbersN9.2Rational Numbers
Polygraph: Shape BucketSS6.3Symmetry
Polygraph: Standard Normal CurveFM20.6Standard Deviation
Polygraph: TimeSS4.1Time
Polynomial ExpressionsP9.4Polynomials
Pop Box DesignWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Popcorn PickerWA10.5Volume
Positive, Négative or NeitherN9.2Rational Numbers
Practice Numbers with MatildaN8.2Percents
Primary Tile QuestionsN1.5, N1.7, N1.9Comparing Sets, Representing Numbers, Addition
Primary TilesP7.4Linear Equations
Prime Climb Colour ChartN6.2Factors and Multiples
Probability DiceSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Probability Dice (review)FM30.5Probability
Probability with MarblesSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Probability with SpinnersSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Product GameN5.2Multiplication
Product WarN5.2Multiplication
Project: Buying A CarWA10.11Income
Project: Rice Krispies RevampWA10.3, WA10.4, WA10.9, WA10.10Measurement, Angles, Proportional Reasoning
Project: Scale Model For the AntsWA10.7, WA10.8, WA10.10Similarity of Convex Polygons, Trigonometric Ratios, Proportional Reasoning
Project: Soft Drink ProjectWA10.3, WA10.4, WA10.5, WA10.9Measurement, Angles
Proportion ExplosionWA20.3, WA20.10Surface Area, Volume, Capacity, Proportional Thinking
Pythagoras TreeSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem WaterSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem: Thin Slice Conceptual DiscoveryWA10.6Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean theoremSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Quadratic FormulaFM20.9Quadratics
Quadratic TransformationsP30.7Functions Transformations
Quadratic formulaP20.7Quadratics
Quadratics with Defined Roots in Standard FormFM20.9Quadratics
Quadratics with Defined Roots in Standard formP20.7Quadratics
Quadratics with Defined Roots in Vertex FormP20.7Quadratics
Quantity for First Nations or MétisN6.9First Nations & Metis Quantity
Quarter the CrossN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Quesadilla SharingN5.5Fractions
QuipoN6.6, N6.9Integers, First Nations & Metis Quantity
Radian and Degree WarP30.2Unit Circles & Trig Ratios
Radical EquationsFP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Radical Equations (French)FP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Rational RootsN9.3Square Roots
Rational and Irrational NumbersFP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Rational, Irrational or Whole RootsN9.3Square Roots
Reach 100N4.2Addition & Subtraction
Reciprocal Functions (number 12 and 35)P20.1Absolute Value
Rectangular Prism Surface AreaSS8.2Surface Area
Reeses Peanut Butter CupsN5.2Multiplication
Reflecting SquarelySS8.4Tesselations
Related PercentagesN8.2Percents
Relation StationsP9.1Linear Relations
Relational Math FlipsN5.2Multiplication
Representing Data (change restrictions)SP8.1Displaying Data
Rhino PoachingSP4.1Correspondence
Roll Em' DownN1.10Mental Math Strategies
Roll an arrayN5.2Multiplication
Roll up the RimSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Rolling TiresSS7.1, SS7.2Circles, Area Formulas
Rolling with the same ProbabilitySP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Rope JumperN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Round to 500 w/ Largest DifferenceN3.1Representing Numbers
Route ProductN7.2Decimal Operations
Route Product (Decimals)N7.2Decimal Operations
Rubric - First Nations and Métis QuantityN6.9First Nations & Metis Quantity
SOMA block challengesWA30.1Puzzles/Games
Savvy Subitizing CardsNK.2Subitizing
Scattered RodsN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Science of NFLSS8.1Pythagorean Theorem
Security CamerasWA10.2Puzzles/Games
Semi-regular TessellationsSS8.4Tesselations
Seven FlippedP5.1Patterns
Shaded RectangleN3.4Fractions
ShapesSS4.3Rectangular and Triangular Prisms
Sharing PizzaN5.5Fractions
Shark BaitSS3.3Measurement (Linear)
Show me a triangleSS6.3Polygons
Sine FunctionsP20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Sine Functions (number 46)P20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Sine Functions 2P20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Sinusoidal Functions 1P30.3Trigonometric Ratios
Sinusoidal Functions 2P30.3Trigonometric Ratios
Sketchy fractionsN3.4Fractions
Skyscraper PuzzlesWA20.5Puzzles/Games
Sleeping BearsN1.9, N1.10Addition, Mental Math Strategies
Sliced UpN7.5, SS7.3, P7.3Fractions
Slow Reveal Circle Graph: How Long Do Animals Sleep?SP7.2Circle Graphs
Slow Reveal Circle Graph: Longest NightsSP7.2Circle Graphs
Slow Reveal Circle Graph: World ReligionSP7.2Circle Graphs
Smart Car SmashWA20.10Proportional Thinking
Snack MachineN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Snap ItN1.2Subitizing
Solid Fusing TaskWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Solution of Two Linear EquationsP8.1Linear Relations
Solutions to Systems of Linear EquationsFP10.9, FP10.10Linear Relations, Linear Equations
Solutions to Systems of Linear Equations (French)FP10.9, FP10.10Linear Relations, Linear Equations
Solve Me MobileP6.2Equations, Length
Solving Equations (negative and positive)P8.2Linear Equations (1- and 2-step)
Solving Equations with Variable on Both SidesP9.2Linear Equations
Solving One-Step Equations (Greatest Solution)P7.3Linear Equations (1- and 2-step)
Solving Triangles Given Specific ConstraintsFP10.4Trigonometric Ratios
Sonic Drink Combos Tree DiagramsFM30.5Probability
Sorting SetsFM30.3Set Theory
Soup de JourSS8.3Volume
Spatial PuzzlesSS4.2Area of 2D Shapes
Spinner BingoSP7.3Probability Theoretical & Experimental
Splat!P7.4Linear Equations
SplatsP5.2, SS5.2Representing Numbers
Splats!N1.10Mental Math Strategies
Square BuilderN8.1Square Roots
Square DanceN8.1Square Roots
Square Dance - Exploring Square Roots & BenchmarksN9.3Square Roots
Square Root ExpressionN8.1Square Roots
Stacking Cups - Dan MeyerP9.1Relations and Functions, Linear Equations
Stacking Cups - Fawn NguyenFP10.6, FP10.10Relations and Functions, Linear Equations
Stacking Cups - Jon OrrFP10.6, FP10.10Relations and Functions, Linear Equations
Stacking JackP30.12Pemutations
Stage 5 SeriesP3.1Patterns (Increasing/Decreasing)
Standard DeviationFM20.6Standard Deviation
Standard Form (number 36 and 26)P20.7Quadratics
Stepping UpP3.1Patterns (Increasing/Decreasing)
Stick Pull GameN6.5Percent
Stolen SkittlesN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Straighten UpN7.2Decimal Operations
Strange Dice ProblemSP8.2Probability of Independent Events
Subitizing SlidesN1.2Subitizing
Subtracting FractionsN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Subtracting IntegersN7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Subtracting Integers – Do you see it as removal or difference???N7.6Integer Addition/Subtraction
Subtracting Mixed NumbersN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Subtracting Two Digit NumbersN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Subtraction StacksN1.9, N1.10Addition, Mental Math Strategies
Sugar CubesN7.2Decimal Operations
Sugar PacketsWA10.10Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Sum to 1000N3.1Representing Numbers
Sum to 2N7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Sum to 20 PuzzleN2.2Addition/Subtraction
Sum to 20 puzzleWA20.2Analyze Puzzles & Games
Super BearWA10.10Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Surface Area and Volume of PrismsSS8.2, SS8.3Surface Area, Volume
Sweet SnacksP9.3Linear Inequalities
System of InequalitiesFM20.8Systems of Linear Inqualities
Systems of Linear InequalitiesFM20.8Systems of Linear Inqualities
Systems of Linear Inequalities (French)FM20.8Systems of Linear Inqualities
Table TilingWA10.1Linear Equations
Taco CartWA10.6Trigonometric Ratios
Taco Cart (French)N9.3Square Roots
Taco TruckWA10.6Trigonometric Ratios
Taco Truck (French)WA10.6Trigonometric Ratios
Takes and Adds PuzzleWA20.2Analyze Puzzles & Games
Talking TimeSS4.1Time
Tax CollectorFP10.1Factors
Teen Number with 10 framesN1.9, N1.4Addition, Representing Numbers
Telling Time: HourSS4.1Time
Ten Frame Addition to 20N1.9Addition
Tesselations - MathigonSS8.4Tesselations
Tessellating CapitalsSS8.4Tesselations
Tessellating TransformationsSS8.4Tesselations
Tessellations - UWaterloo Math CirclesSS8.4Tesselations
The AppleN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
The Big PadN8.4, SS8.2Fraction Multiplication/Division, Surface Area
The CandymanSS7.3,
The ClapperN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
The Cookie MonsterN2.2Addition/Subtraction
The Coordinate Plane ActivitySS7.4Linear Relations
The Coordinate Plane Activity (French)SS7.4Linear Relations
The Decimal ChallengeN4.7Decimals
The Door LockFM30.6Combinatorics
The Fish TankSS8.3Volume
The Fraction Challenge in EnglishN9.2Rational Numbers
The Fraction Challenge in FrenchN9.2Rational Numbers
The Great Banana DebateFM20.6Standard Deviation
The JugglerN2.1Representing Numbers
The JuicerN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
The Kool-Aid KidN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
The Mean ProblemWA30.9Central Tendency
The More Strategies, the BetterP9.1Linear Relations
The NectarineN8.4Fraction Multiplication/Division
The OrangeN5.2, N5.3Multiplication, Division
The Pringle RingleN2.2Addition/Subtraction
The RaceN3.2Addition/Subtraction
The SpinnerN6.4Division
The Water BoyN3.2Addition/Subtraction
The Whopper JarN3.2Addition/Subtraction
The mullet ratioN9.2Rational Numbers
These Primes are Squares!N8.1Square Roots
Thin Slice Activity: Equation of a CircleP30.2Unit Circles & Trig Ratios
Thinker Task: Farm YardSS3.3Measurement (Linear)
Thinker Task: GardeningN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Thinker Task: In the kitchenN3.4Fractions
Thinker Task: TransportationN3.3Multiplication
Thinker Task: Yard WorkSS3.1Time
Thumbs on FireN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Tile CircleSS7.1Circles
Tiled Area QuestionsN5.5Fractions
Time TwisterSS4.1Time
Tomato-TomatoN7.2Decimal Operations
ToothpicksWA30.8Linear Relations
Transforming Shapes CollectionWA30.5Transformations
TrashketballWA20.1, WA20.3, WA20.9Measurement, Relations and Functions, Linear Relations, Linear Equations
Trigonometric EquationP30.7Functions Transformations
Trinomial Factoring MatchP20.6Polynomials
Turbo TextingWA10.10Proportional Reasoning
Twelve Envelopes PuzzleN7.1Factors and Multiples
Twin puzzlesN6.3Order of Operations
Two Step EquationsP9.2Linear Equations
Two Truths and a Lie: LinesWA20.9Slope, Linear Relations
Two Truths and a Lie: Lines (French)WA20.9Slope, Linear Relations
Twosday Challenge ActivityN6.3Order of Operations
Types of TransformationsSS7.4Cartesian Plane/ Integral Coordinates
Unfair ThronesN7.5Fraction Addition/Subtraction
Venn for PolygonsSS6.3Polygons
Vertex Form (number 6 and 30)P20.7Quadratics
Visual Pattern CollectionsP3.1Patterns (Increasing/Decreasing)
Visual PatternsWA30.8Slope
Volume of Rectangular PrismsWA20.3Volume
WODB Lego BlockN1.2Subitizing
WODB Number 17P20.8Quadratics
WODB: Shapes CollectionSS3.5Sort 2D Shapes/3D Objects, Compare Shapes/Objects
Water SlideN8.3Rates/Ratios/Proportional Reasoning
Water TankWA20.3Surface Area, Volume, Capacity
Water UsageSP4.1Graphs/Pictographs
Water, First Nations Cultures, StatisticsSP9.2, SP9.4Data Collection, First Nations & Metis Probability/Statistics
What fraction am I?N3.4Fractions
What's Your Sine?P20.5Cosine & Sine Laws
Where's the beef?N3.2Addition/Subtraction
Which has a bigger areaSS4.2Area of 2D Shapes
Which one doesn’t belong?N9.2Rational Numbers
Who Am IN4.1Representing Numbers
Whole Numbers Place Value Open MiddlesN4.1Representing Numbers
Wild WarN6.3Order of Operations
Will it hit the hoop?P20.7Quadratics
Window SumP2.3Mental Math Strategies
Would You Rather: Pizza SlicesSS7.1Circles
Would You Rather: several visuals on this site with measurement, unit conversion, area, volumeFP10.3Measurement
Would you Rather: Tens and OnesN2.1Representing Numbers
Would you rather: L or mLSS5.4Capacity
Would you rather: MultiplicationN5.2Multiplication
Would you rather: Multiplication 2N5.2Multiplication
Would you rather: minutesSS3.1Time
Would you rather: subtractionN3.2Addition/Subtraction
Write a Linear FunctionP8.1Linear Relations
Writing Equivalent PolynomialsP9.4Polynomails
Yellow StarburstsWA30.9Probability Theoretical & Experimental
You Pour, I ChooseWA10.5Volume
Zero and Negative Exponent PatternsN9.1Powers
Zero and Negative Exponent Patterns (can set pacing to only negative exponents)FP10.2Irrational Numbers (Radical/Exponent)
Zukei PuzzlesSS7.3Quadrilaterals
adding 1 digit numbersN1.9Addition
subtracting with regroupingN2.2Addition/Subtraction