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The Cookie MonsterN2.2Number3-Act Task
The JugglerN2.1Number3-Act Task
Extending CubesP2.1Patterns & Relations, Number3-Act Task
Stepping UpP2.2Patterns & Relations3-Act Task
The Pringle RingleN2.2Number3-Act Task
Graham CrackerN2.2Number3-Act Task
Bright IdeaN2.2Number3-Act Task
Snack MachineN2.2Number3-Act Task
The Whopper JarN2.2Number3-Act Task
subtracting with regroupingN2.2NumberOpen Middle
Order NumbersN2.1NumberOpen Middle
Composite 2D shapesSS2.4Shape & SpaceOpen Middle
Big BlocksN2.1Number3-Act Task
Stolen SkittlesN2.2Number3-Act Task
Scattered RodsN2.2Number3-Act Task
Lengthy IdeaSS2.1Shape & Space3-Act Task
Balancing NumbersSS2.2Shape & Space, Patterns & Relations3-Act Task
Let It FlyN2.2Number3-Act Task
Orange SlicesN2.2Number3-Act Task
Oreo StacksN2.2Number3-Act Task
NerdsN2.2Number3-Act Task
Shark BaitSS2.1Shape & Space3-Act Task
Girl Guide CookiesN2.1Number3-Act Task
Cover the FloorN2.2Number, Shape & Space3-Act Task
Adding NumbersP2.3Number, Patterns & RelationsOpen Middle
Window SumP2.3Number, Patterns & RelationsOpen Middle
Make it EqualP2.3Patterns & RelationsOpen Middle
Addition and Subtraction Collection (multiple)N2.2NumberOpen Middle
How Many Rectangles Can You Make?SS2.4Shape & SpaceOpen Middle
Composite 2D ShapesSS2.4Shape & SpaceOpen Middle
Drawing and Naming Shapes by SidesSS2.4Shape & SpaceOpen Middle
Data CollectionSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityOpen Middle
Counting by 5, 10, 2, 25N2.1NumberRich Task
Number Talk ImageN2.1NumberRich Task
More, Fewer and the SameP2.3Number, Patterns & RelationsDesmos
Number bonds to 10N2.2NumberDesmos
Number Talk Images-How ManyN2.1NumberRich Task
Relational Math FlipsN2.2, P2.3Number, Patterns & RelationsRich Task
Sum to 20 PuzzleN2.2NumberGame
Adding Whole NumbersN2.2NumberDesmos
Visual Pattern CollectionsP2.1, P2.2Patterns & Relations, NumberRich Task
WODB: Shapes CollectionSS2.5Shape & SpaceWODB
Cube ConversationsSS2.5Shape & SpaceRich Task
Alicia Burdess Grade 2 TasksN2.1, N2.2, P2.1, P2.2, P2.3, SP2.1, SS2.1, SS2.2, SS2.3, SS2.4, SS2.5Number, Patterns & Relations, Statistics & Probability, Shape & SpaceRich Task
Base Ten BlocksN2.1NumberGeogebra
Place Value CardsN2.1NumberGeogebra
Base Ten BlocksN2.1NumberMenu Math
Characteristics of NumbersN2.1NumberMenu Math
Who Am IN2.1NumberRich Task
Math PickleN2.1NumberRich Task
Would you Rather: Tens and OnesN2.1NumberRich Task
Esti-mysteriesN2.1NumberRich Task
Maze Hundreds ChartN2.1, P2.1NumberRich Task
Clothesline Math CardsN2.1NumberRich Task
Number VisualsN2.1, P2.1Number, Patterns & RelationsRich Task
100 Numbers to get students talkingN2.1NumberRich Task
Math Visuals: Place Value ConceptsN2.1NumberRich Task
Math Visuals: Counting by 1N2.1NumberRich Task
3 different addends to 100N2.2NumberOpen Middle
Adding Two Digit NumbersN2.2NumberOpen Middle
Adding Two Digit Numbers Given OneN2.2NumberOpen Middle
Subtracting Two Digit NumbersN2.2NumberOpen Middle
Add some, subtract someN2.2NumberOpen Middle
SplatsN2.2Number, Patterns & Relations, Shape & SpaceRich Task
Mystery GridsN2.2NumberRich Task
Dominating DoublesN2.2NumberRich Task
Dollar WordsN2.2NumberRich Task
Oh No 99!N2.2NumberGame
Cross number puzzleN2.2NumberRich Task
Math Visuals: Addition, SubtractionN2.2NumberRich Task
5 x 5 GameN2.2NumberGame
Adding and Subtracting Numbers and EqualityP2.3Patterns & RelationsOpen Middle
Explore SolidsSS2.3Shape & SpaceGeogebra
Polygraph: 2D and 3D ShapesSS2.3, SS2.4Shape & SpaceDesmos
Water UsageSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
Deadly AnimalsSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
Animals holding their breathSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
HornsSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
Dino Fossil FindSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
How Many TeethSP2.1Statistics & ProbabilityRich Task
Dice in a CornerN2.2NumberRich Task