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Piles of TilesSS6.2 Task
The SpinnerN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Largest Possible GCFN6.2 and MultiplesOpen Middle
Order of OperationsN6.3 of OperationsOpen Middle
For the WinSS6.1 Task
Hanging by a HairN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Sugar CubesN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Filling the TankN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Tomato-TomatoN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Geared UpN6.2, N6.4, N6.6 and Multiples, Decimal Multiplication/Division, Integers3-Act Task
Fur Trade - GraphsP6.1 Table of Values/GraphsLesson
Stick Pull GameN6.5
Jordin Tootoo - Ordering IntegersN6.6
Jordin Tootoo - Comparing IntegersN6.6
Percentages and BeadsN6.5
Multiplying DecimalsN6.4 Multiplication/DivisionFlipped Videos
Straighten UpN6.4 Multiplication/Division3-Act Task
Dill 'er UpN6.2 and Multiples3-Act Task
Packing SugarSS6.2 Task
Got CubesSS6.2 Task
OverflowSS6.2 Task
The Fish TankSS6.2 Task
Area of SaskatchewanSS6.2 Task
Let It FlowN6.8 Task
Jugs of MilkSS6.3 Task
Equivalent ExponentsN6.8 Middle
Fast ClapperN6.8 Task
Paper Cut(s)SS6.2 Task
How many hot dogs?N6.2 and Multiples3-Act Task
Obscure Geometry (downloads as a Zip)N6.5 Task
Brayden's HeightP6.1 Table of Values/Graphs3-Act Task
Pop Box DesignSS6.2 Task
Transforming Shapes CollectionSS6.5
Visual PatternsP6.1, P6.3http://www.visualpatterns.orgPatterns Table of Values/Graphs, Expressions and Equations
5-4-3-2-1 challengeN6.3 of Operations
Click BattleN6.8
Click Battle (French)N6.8
Guess the EggsSP6.1 Analysis
Guess the Jelly BeansSP6.1 Analysis
Clothesline Math CardsN6.6
Math visuals: FractionsN6.1 Value
Turbo TextingN6.5 Task
Des-FarmN6.7 Improper/MixedDesmos
Adding IntegersN6.6
Counting Factors ActivityN6.2, N6.4 and Multiples, Decimal Multiplication/Division
Twelve Envelopes PuzzleN6.2 and Multiples
Factor Tree PuzzlesN6.2 and Multiples
Billions TaskN6.2 and Multiples
Fraction TalksN6.7http://fractiontalks.comFractions Improper/Mixed
MathArt Challenge TangramsSS6.2
Zukei PuzzlesSS6.3
MathArt Challenge Probability DesignsSP6.2
Volume of Rectangular PrismsSS6.2 Middle
Multiplying Decimals (Middle School)N6.4 Multiplication/DivisionOpen Middle
Multiplying Decimals (Elementary)N6.4 Multiplication/DivisionOpen Middle
Multiplying Decimals Given OneN6.4 Multiplication/DivisionOpen Middle
Decimal Product Close To 50N6.4 Multiplication/DivisionOpen Middle
100 Numbers to get students talkingN6.1 ValueRich Task
SplatsN6.7 Improper/MixedRich Task
Solve Me MobileP6.2 Task
Polygraph: Shape BucketSS6.3
Mondrian PuzzlesSS6.2 Task
Game: Make a WholeN6.1, N6.3 Value, Order of OperationsGame
Game: Make a MillionsN6.1 ValueGame
How 'big' is big?N6.1 ValueRich Task
Factors and Multiples PuzzleN6.2 and MultiplesRich Task
Prime Climb Colour ChartN6.2 and MultiplesLesson
Twin puzzlesN6.3 of OperationsDesmos
2s to 9s ChallengeN6.3 of OperationsRich Task
Wild WarN6.3 of OperationsGame
Pattern Block PilesN6.7 Improper/MixedDesmos
Pipe Flow FractionsN6.7 Improper/MixedDesmos
Fraction or Mixed Fraction WarN6.7 Improper/MixedGame
Battery: Percents, Decimals and FractionsN6.7 Improper/MixedDesmos
Card Sort: Fractions, Decimals and PercentsN6.7 Improper/MixedDesmos
The mullet ratioN6.7, N6.8 Improper/Mixed, RatioRich Task
Venn for PolygonsSS6.3 Task
Show me a triangleSS6.3
From experimental to theoretical probabilitySP6.2 Task
Mathigon Divisibility, Factors and Multiples CourseN6.2 and MultiplesMathigon,Lesson
Limbo: An Integers GameN6.6,Rich Task,Game
Animated FactorizationN6.2 and MultiplesRich Task
Factors Color BoardN6.2 and MultiplesGame
Integers Menu TaskN6.6 Task,Menu Math
Route Product (Decimals)N6.4 Multiplication/DivisionRich Task
Twosday Challenge ActivityN6.3 of OperationsRich Task
Bucky the BadgerN6.3 of Operations3-Act Task,Rich Task
Bucky the Badger (Desmos)N6.3 of OperationsDesmos
Seven FlippedN6.2 and MultiplesRich Task
QuipoN6.6, N6.9, First Nations & Metis QuantityLesson, Rich Task
Quantity for First Nations or MétisN6.9 Nations & Metis QuantityLesson, Rich Task
N6.9 UnpackedN6.9 Nations & Metis Quantity
Rubric - First Nations and Métis QuantityN6.9 Nations & Metis QuantityRubric