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Rational RootsN9.3 RootsOpen Middle
Rational, Irrational or Whole RootsN9.3 RootsOpen Middle
ButterN9.2 Numbers3-Act Task
Create an Equation with a Given SolutionP9.2 EquationsOpen Middle
Highest Degree PolynomialP9.4 Middle
Equivalent ExponentsN9.1 Middle
Pop Box DesignSS9.2 Area3-Act Task
Two Truths and a Lie: LinesP9.1 RelationsDesmos
Guess the EggsSP9.2 Collection
Guess the Jelly BeansSP9.2 Collection
Stacking Cups - Dan MeyerP9.1 Relations3-Act Task
100x100 HamburgerP9.1 Relations
How Many Stars?N9.1 Task
Penny PyramidN9.1 Task
Zero and Negative Exponent PatternsN9.1
Taco CartN9.3 Roots3-Act Task
Sweet SnacksP9.3 Inequalities3-Act Task
Order Up: The Need for Like TermsP9.4 Task
Filing CabinetSS9.2 Area3-Act Task
Open Middle: Exponent CollectionN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Exponent (Maximum Value)N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Exponent (Maximum Value) (French)N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Properties of Integer ExponentsN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents (French)N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents 2N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents (French)N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Properties of Integer Exponents 3N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Power of productN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Laws of ExponentsN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Simplifying Exponential ExpressionsN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Exponents and Order of OperationsN9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Exponents and Order of Operations (French)N9.1 Middle
Math Mistakes: ExponentsN9.1
Open Middle: Scientific Notation 1N9.1 Middle
Open Middle: Scientific Notation 2N9.1 Middle
Giant BurgersN9.1
Polygraph: Rational NumbersN9.2 NumbersDesmos
Adding FractionsN9.2 NumbersDesmos,Menu Math
Adding Fractions (French)N9.2 NumbersDesmos,Menu Math
The Fraction Challenge in EnglishN9.2 NumbersDesmos
The Fraction Challenge in FrenchN9.2 NumbersDesmos
Which one doesn’t belong?N9.2 NumbersWODB
Open Middle: Rational and Irrational NumbersN9.2 NumbersOpen Middle
Open Middle: Order of OperationsN9.2 NumbersOpen Middle
Adding FractionsN9.2 NumbersMenu Math
Integer SolitaireN9.2 Numbers
Clothesline Math: Fractions & DecimalsN9.2 Numbers
Order of Operations: Foxy FivesN9.2 Numbers
Positive, Négative or NeitherN9.2 Numbers
Fraction Division via RectanglesN9.2 Numbers
Can you visualize this?N9.2 Numbers
Open Middle: Writing Linear EquationsP9.1 Relations
Relation StationsP9.1 Relations
Visual PatternsP9.1http://www.visualpatterns.orgLinear Relations
The More Strategies, the BetterP9.1 Relations
Two Step EquationsP9.2 EquationsOpen Middle
Create an Equation with a Given SolutionP9.2 EquationsOpen Middle
Solving Equations with Variable on Both SidesP9.2 EquationsOpen Middle
Multi-Step EquationsP9.2 EquationsOpen Middle
Creating InequalitiesP9.3 InequalitiesOpen Middle
Creating Inequalities Given a Solution SetP9.3 InequalitiesOpen Middle
Writing Equivalent PolynomialsP9.4 Middle
Highest Degree PolynomialP9.4 Middle
Factoring PolynomialsP9.4 Middle
Polynomial ExpressionsP9.4 Math
Clothesline Math: Algebraic ThinkingP9.4
A Square Subtract FourP9.4,Rich Task
Doubling Surface AreaSS9.2 AreaLesson,Rich Task
Area Name TaskSS9.2 AreaLesson,Rich Task
Solid Fusing TaskSS9.2 AreaLesson,Rich Task
Eye to Eye Similar TrianglesSS9.3 of 2D ShapesLesson,Rich Task
One-Hole Punch puzzlesSS9.4,Rich Task
Taco CartN9.3 RootsDesmos
Taco Cart (French)N9.3 RootsDesmos
Square Dance - Exploring Square Roots & BenchmarksN9.3 RootsDesmos
The Coordinate Plane ActivityP9.1 RelationsDesmos
The Coordinate Plane Activity (French)P9.1 RelationsDesmos
Guess the NumbersP9.1 RelationsDesmos
Two Truths and a Lie: Lines (French)P9.1 RelationsDesmos
Equation StripsP9.2 EquationsDesmos
Inequalities on the Number LineP9.3 InequalitiesDesmos
Inequalities on the Number Line (French)P9.3 InequalitiesDesmos
Filing CabinetSS9.2 AreaDesmos
Transforming Shapes CollectionSS9.4
Chance ExperimentsSP9.3
Chance Experiments (French)SP9.3
Turbo TextingP9.2 Equations3-Act Task
The mullet ratioN9.2 NumbersRich Task
Cycling SquaresN9.3 RootsRich Task
Water, First Nations Cultures, StatisticsSP9.2, SP9.4 Collection, First Nations & Metis Probability/StatisticsLesson
Grade 9 Statistics and Probability ResourceSP9.1, SP9.2, SP9.3, SP9.4 in Data Collection, Data Collection, Probability, First Nations & Metis Probability/StatisticsLesson, Unit